• Disabled people (34% - 73%) are entitled to a reduction SOLELY for the General Admission Area (General Admission ticket). Medical certificate will be requested at the entrance. Any companion must purchase a regular ticket.
  • Admittance to the General Admission is free for disabled people (+ 74%). If on the medical certificate it is specified that he needs the support of a Companion he will be entitled to a free General Admission ticket as well, otherwise he will have to purchase a regular ticket.

To help their access, Mugello Circuit carries out a tickets booking service in order to let them reach easily specific area in Central GrandStand. 


1) fill in the Booking Form at the end of the page;
2) send the Form and copy of the Disability Certificated relased by Health Services to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., not later than 1° May 2024;
3) wait for Mugello Circuit to confirm the request via mail. If no confirmation arrives, the request must be considered rejected because of seats unavailability.
4) the tickets for the disabled person and his/her companion will be delivered as a digital title. All tickets are nominal and can’t be used by other persons. The Circuit staff reserves the right to request identity cards at the entrance.
5) Entrance to the Circuit with car will be allowed only from “Ingresso Palagio” and only showing the disability car pass; proper parking spaces will be set up near to Central GrandStand. 

The person with a disability rate over 74% who has requested to be accredited and has received no confirmation because of seats unavailability, can collect a free ticket for the Standing Area (“Prato”) for himself/herself and a companion. These tickets can be asked during the days of the Event to the ticket office located at “Ingresso Palagio” by showing the disability certificate and the identity card. Entrance to the Circuit will be forbidden for those lacking in a valid ticket.

Booking form to download and fill