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MP1S3511A pearl set in a region rich of history, art and culture - this is how we can define the area of the Mugello happily immersed in the sweet design of the Tuscan hills.

The area is situated among the Apennine watershed and presents such different surroundings and aspects that go from the sharp beauty of the higher areas to the hundred villages of the Sieve Valley. It is a varied territory still uncontaminated in a great part, rich in history, culture, art.

Here we can find traces of a history worth of a big European city. It is just enough remembering some noble Mediaeval families - the Guidi and the Ubaldini - who soon entered in competition with Florence which was expanding and wanted to build "new lands" (one of these was in fact Scarperia). Many world famous artists like Giotto, Beato Angelico, Andea del Castagno were born here and here they developed their talent.

The Medici family had its origin here and in fact it left numerous signs on the territory which demonstrate the bond that existed between the political and territorial expansion and the forms of artistic expressions.

In this sense, Scarperia sums up all this in its centre: there are direct structural witnesses of great charm and impact like the "Palazzo dei Vicari" and the great art-craft tradition of blades and knives which has made the new Medicaen land founded on "die octo" 1306 famous all over the world since the 15th century, also thanks to the Giogo road which then passed through the inhabited village.It is a tradition which continues thanks to the ability of the local cutlers and which shows itself up at the Exhibition Market for cutting tools (the first fortnight in June) and the competition for the Banner among the districts (August - September) also characterized by an extraordinary commemoration in costume on "Reanaissance Day" to which over five hundred personages in costume participate.

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Firenze - Amerigo Vespucci - (35 km)
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Bologna - Guglielmo Marconi - (80 km)
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